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What You Should Get From Camping Stores For Your Next 4wd Outback Adventure

Have you recently purchased a 4wd and you're planning your first outback trip?  You might be asking yourself about the requisite non-standard accessories. With so many camping stores advertising all manner of accessories, you might find yourself in a dilemma choosing essentials for the trip. Here are a few tips:

Be Prepared

To prepare for the trip, you will need to enlist all the destinations you want to visit as well as the activities you'll undertake.  The list will accurately help you determine the accessories you need from the camping stores. The beautiful arrangements and attractive prices of the accessories at the stores could lure you to impulsive buying if you don't have a list of the stuff you need. Prior selection of accessories spares you from filling up your vehicle with unnecessary stuff and saves a few coins as well.

Ideal accessories

When you plan an outback trip to remote areas you need to acquire accessories for your 4wd suitable for the conditions of such regions.  Here is an idea of the accessories you need for your 4wd outback adventure:

•    Long range fuel tank.  The standard tank won't take you through the distance between two fuelling points. You'll need a long range fuel tank to sustain the long distances.

•    Jerry cans and water tanks.  Such regions rarely have treated water. So you'll need to carry your supply to avoid infections related to consuming untreated water.

•    Bull bar and 'roo bars.  These are meant to change the direction of obstacles you hit downwards and outwards.  The bars also reduce potential damage on the front end of your car suffers in case you ram onto an animal.    

•    First aid kit

•    12V fridge for fresh food and cold drinks.

•    Satellite phone and HF or UHF radio. 

•    Your tyres should be all-terrain.  These tyres allow more traction and do not puncture easily. 

•    Spare tyre and the equipment to change the tyres.

•    Dual battery system.  Such a battery will provide back up for starting your engine and also run the fridge and for lighting.

•    Roof Racks.  Tents, swags and such other bulky items can be carried on the roof rack.

•    Cargo barrier and drawer system.  With the system, packing your cargo in the vehicle becomes safer and more organised. 

•    Heavy duty suspension.  Crucial for the extra heavy load carried by your car, including the additional fuel load. 

•    Toolkit and spares.  Out there in far-flung areas, mechanics may take days to get to you.  You will need to help yourself.

When you plan on going out there to far-flung areas, you can never be adequately prepared. However, enlisting the accessories you need saves money and cargo space. Lastly, drive carefully when meandering through the off-road routes to keep your vehicle strong and well-maintained.