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The Pros & Cons of 2 Types of Camper Trailer Kitchens

It is important to gather enough information about the camper trailer kitchens available before you decide on the best option for your needs. Below are some common configurations of camper trailer kitchens that can be helpful when you are seeking for one.

Tailgate Kitchens

Tailgate kitchens are also called swing-out camper trailer kitchens. These kitchens derive their name from the point on the trailer to which they are attached (the tailgate). The kitchen will swing out once you open this part of your trailer.

Tailgate kitchens have several advantages. First, they occupy limited space within your camper trailer since they take up the width of the back of that trailer. Secondly, the kitchen is compact and light. Consequently, it will have a minimal effect on the payload that your trailer can carry. Furthermore, the kitchen is easy to set up when you need to use it. The camping area will also be limited since the kitchen doesn't extend far from the trailer.

However, tailgate kitchens offer limited storage and seating space. You should also take extra precautions to lock the tailgate while it is open since this kitchen can easily be damaged in case the tailgate moves suddenly.

Slide-Out Kitchens

Some camper trailer kitchens can slide out from inside the trailer. These kitchens offer more space for you to place benches around them. Storage space is also greater than what is available with tailgate kitchens. This type of kitchen may also be very strong and durable due to the lack of limitations on its compactness.

However, slide-out kitchens tend to be more expensive when they are compared to tailgate kitchens. They also leave little room within the trailer due to their length-wise orientation. They may also be physically exerting as one pulls them from inside the trailer. There is a likelihood that the bearings on which these kitchens slide will fail prematurely in case you tow the trailer frequently over rough terrain. Such failures can increase the maintenance cost of the camper trailer. Slide-out kitchens can also widen the camping area since they extend far from the trailer. This may be a disadvantage in case you have few camping companions to occupy that wide space.

Think about the benefits and the drawbacks of each of the camper trailer kitchens discussed above before you select the option to buy with your trailer. You can also talk to people who own these different kitchens so that their views can help you to make a decision.